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Our goal is to advise or represent you throughout every legal proceedings the best of our abilities. We provide assistance and counselling in every field of law, whether before or during a trial, through a technical expertise or a negotiation.

That’s the reason why each lawyer within our firm has specialized in certain specific fields.

Our approach is to analyse objectively our clients’ legal situation, and if necessary, to search for an amicable solution if this is in our clients best interest.

When litigation is necessary we provide our clients with trial assistance and representation before all courts of law, whether civil, labor and social, commercial, criminal or administrative, in first and second instance, as well as other court related bodies, especially in the following fields :

  • civil and tort liability : medical liability, professional liability, car accident, etc.
  • real estate law : zoning law, construction law, habitation, professional and commercial leases, etc.
  • Insurance law,
  • Commercial law : commercial dispute, bank law bankruptcy and insolvency, competition law, intellectual property,
  • Criminal law, especially business criminal law,
  • Labor law : employment agreements, dismissal related disputes
  • Family law : divorce, inheritance, matrimonial status, adoption, filiations, etc.
  • Guarantees and enforcement procedures : mortgage, pledge, seizure, debt recovery, auction sales, real estate seizure, etc.
  • Administrative proceedings : accidents, hospital liability, administrative contracts, civil servant status, etc.
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